Beldi Soap

BELDI – soft soap made of herbal raw materials. It differs from what we use to call “soap”. It is a scrub with cream consistency resembling thick jelly. Depending on proportions and additives, BELDI can have hues from dark-amber to light beige. It cleans your skin deeply taking away impurities, toxins and dead skin cells.

Another difference from “normal bar soap” (sodium based), BELDI is potassium hydroxide based (alkali). Usage of potassium hydroxide adds a number of new performances to the soap: it obtains specific cream consistency, cleaning and caring BELDI properties will bring you to a higher level of nurturing.

BELDI is a new level of Purity and Nurturing. Usage of natural oils in BELDI produces recognizable texture and pearly luster. BELDI consistency allows you to tell original product from fake one. Only natural ingredients “give” BELDI jelly consistency and pearly luster. BELDI is based on cocoa, palm, olive and other oils adding ether and other butters as well scrubbing, moisturizing and nourishing additives. One can of BELDI (200 gr) will replace several expensive care products and save money on SPA visits.